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Shatajivanti Tablets

Shatajivanti Tablets

The best tonic for heart

( 1 to 4 tablets twice a day after food )

Imbalance blood circulation weakens heart muscles & then various heart complaints start. To penatrate heart muscles & to keep them blockage free Tanvi doctors suggest to take Shatajivanti regularly. It can be used in complaints like cholestrol, Triglycerides which will work on lipids in a natural herbal way. Heavyness when walk, Chest heavyness, Chest pain, angina pain, heart size disorder, heart function disorders, shoulder pain, Weakness, Heavy head & Chest & in many such complaints patients take Shatajivanti regularly with the help of Tanvi doctors.

On high blood pressure Tanvi doctors suggest 2 to 4 tablets Shatajivanti twice or thrice a day & suggest gradually to reduce high aliopathic dosage to minimum size. Gradually patient continues mild allopathic dose & Shatajivanti 2 - 2 regularly.

Prevention for blockages & as a treatment on such complaints Tanvi doctors advise patients to continue regular use of Shatajivanti.

Shatajivanti is a mediater combination which increases the power of the supporting medicine taken together to fasten the results of other Tanvi treatments. 1/4 of Shatajivanti can be added with every treatment with doctors guidance.

For hemoglobin complaints 2 Tanvishataa, 1 Tajvigorex, 1/2 Shatajivanti in dvisable. In Swelling, body pain, thyroid, menopause 2 Tanvishataa, 1 Vatshaanti, 1 Shatajivanti is best combination.

Shatajivanti taken with lukewarm water helps in high blood pressure & when taken with milk helps in low blood pressure complaint.

To live 100 years healthy life Shatajivanti is a best natural tonic in todays stressfull over loaded hectic life.

Shatajivanti is effective as an immunity tonic in complaints like Hair - Skin complaints specially psyoriasis etc.

In the 9th month, pregnants can take 1/4 tablet Shatajivanti as antititanus tonic. Pregnants can safely take Shatajivanti in high blood pressure complaints in consultation with Tanvi doctors.

1/4 tab of Shatajivanti can be given with milk or butter along with 2 tablets Tanvishataa & 1/4 tablet Tanvigorex to children whose proportionate overall development is not in proper direction. Shatajivanti will work as a booster dose for their overall fitness in all senses.

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