Keshkalpini Powder

Keshkalpini Powder

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For Hair and Scalp


Medicine on Hairgreying, Premature greying

(For external use only. Mix 4tsp Keshkalapini with water. Make a paste. Apply on Scalp. Wash off after 10 minutes. Use once a week)

Improper, bias diet, lack of exercise, stress, tensions, harmones imbalance, imbalance of Tridoshas, Hereditary complaints etc. cause hair greying.
On this try Tanvishataa 2, Vatshaanti 1, Tanvijyeshta 1, Tanvigorex 1, Tanvitriflasatva 1 & Shatajivanti 1/4. Regularly for 3 to 4 months. Apply Keshbala oil & pack of Keshkalpini with Jaswand Joy & Keshkirti.
After 3 to 4 months, from that same grey hair root new black hair will start growing. Gradually when from all grey roots new black hair will grow stop the treatment or you can continue in future as a tonic treatmen if required. As prevention treatment chew 1/4 tsp black seasum with a piece of dry coconut & have lukewarm water on it. Its. a best scalp treatment. Keshkalpini works & helps in reducing side effects of chemical dye & prevents scalp infections
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