Pregnants Care

Months Pregnants Care
1st Month Take Tanvishataa 2 + Tanvijyeshta 1 + Wheatgrasso 1 + Tanvigorex 1 with milk everyday, Have milk, soups and juices as Rasadhatu of foetus is developed in this month.
2nd Month Take Tanvishataa 2 + Tanvigorex 1 +Wheatgrasso 1 with milk daily. Eat red fruits and vegetables as blood vessels of foetus are developed in this month.
3rd month Take Tanvishataa 2 + Tanvigorex 1 + Wheatgrasso 1 with milk daily. Foetus muscle development starts in this month so have, milk, Ghee, Apples and Dates etc.
4th Month Take Tanvishataa 2+ Tanvigorex 1 daily. Eat one TSP butter. Flesh 65 66 67 68 elements of foetus are developed in this month.
5th Month Take Tanvishata 2+ Tavigorex 1 daily. This is the time of bone development of foetus. Eat milk, Ghee, fruits of hard covers to make the strong heart of the child.
6th month Take Tanvishata 2 + Tanvigorex 1 + Ojasa 1/4 daily. Nervous and brain system developes during this month. Have coconut, Ghee, Milk, almonds. Read best-think best. The child will be intelligent.
7th Month Take Tanvijyeshta 1 + Tanvigorex 1 + Tanvishata 2 daily. Have milk, Ghee, Saffron to make the foetus bright healthy as in this period developement of the sperm elements of foetus starts.
8th & 9th Month Take Tanvishata 2 + Tanviyesha 1 + Shatijivanti 1/4 daily with milk for resistance against diseases, & as antitianus treatment and for comfortable delivery. Drink gold water. Consult Tanvi doctors.
  After delivery for nursing motherstake Tanvishata 2 + Tanvijyeshta 1 + Tanvigorex 1 daily. Have milk, jowar etc.