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For Headache


Medicine on Headache, Indigestion

(Take 1 to 2 tablets twice a day)

Keypen tablets can be used in acidity, indigestion, burping, chest burns, uneasy feeling, stomach pain, headache, bodypain, heavy head & eyepain etc. It helps as a painkiller as well as a digestive tonic also.
Irregular eating habits, improper spicy heavy junkfood, workstress, tensions, sitting jobs & lack of exercise etc affect digesion & the body toxins are increased to so high level that headache starts.
Chemical painkillers do give relief but they have side effects & excessive use of them increase bodyheat which tends to severe acidity. On such complaints take Tanvishataa 2, Keypen 1 & since this is herbal, natural treatment without any sideeffects you will feel better & you can take extra doses when required.
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Additional Information

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