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For Pimples & Dark Patches


Medicine on pimples, scars, blackpatches

(For external use only. Make a paste of 1/4 tsp pimpletone with water. Apply on face. Wash off after 10 minutes. Use once or twice a week)

Pimples is a great problem of todays young generation. A small pimple affects the beauty & personality which gives inferiority complex & affects health.
Harmones imbalance, imbalanced diet, late sleep, stress & tensions, excessive heat, acidity cause pimples.
External applications give temporary results. What you need is a treatment on root cause.
Daily take Tanvishataa 2, Vatshaanti 1, Tanvijyeshta 1 & Wheatgrasso 1 & apply pack of pimpletone with water once or twice a week.
Avoide eating banana, curds, guvua & custered apple from diet. Buttermilk you can consume in the afternoon but not at night.
Use the treatment for 4-5 months & then gradually stop as per the results. Tanvishataa 2-2 or 1-1 continue further as a preventive tonic for pimples complaint.
Not only in children & youngsters but nowadays in adults & in oldage also complaint of pimples is seen due to stressfull life, harmones imbalance etc.
Drink lot of water, eat cucumber, tomato, juicy fruits & take Tanvitrifla tablet every night for proper digestion.
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Loved the product, guaranteed results
This product by Tanvi Herbals is 10 on 10. I have tried many other things before getting acquainted to Tanvi herbal nothing worked. But as I started using this product as prescribed by doctor at Tanvi clinic; my pimples started reducing and also the marks faded and now my full face is pimples free my skin was very oily before but using this product made my skin normal Wow!. Now I still use it for maintaining my face. Review by Yashashree / (Posted on 10/19/2018)