Tanvigorex Tablets

Tanvigorex Tablets

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For Strength & Stamina



(1 Tablet twice a day after food)


Perfect count of hemoglobin makes our skin glow & shine with good health. It gives you good confidence and improves your overall personality, shining hair & good healthy body.

  • To improve hemoglobin count Tanvishataa 2, Tanvigorex 1 twice a day is advisable. If required Shatajivanti 1/4 tablet also can be taken with this.
  • Tanvigorex helps in sound sleep, strength, stamina, increasing sperm count, treating sperm complaints, for conception & even for pregnant care & after delivery for nursing mothers also.
  • Tanvigorex helps in enjoying healthy sex. It's a safe & best tonic for improving your vigor.
  • To restore youth, rejuvenate body Ashwagandha herb is proven in Ayurveda which is the main ingredient of Tanvigorex tablet in a concentrated form.
  • Tanvigorex can be taken with milk, ghee or lukewarm water on muscle sprain, joints pain, gastric complaints etc. It can be applied externally with water on wounds, black patches & taken orally also.
  • For ladies in white discharge complaints Tanvishataa 2, Tanvigorex 1 is beneficial. Continue this treatment for 2 to 3 months & then discontinue gradually.
  • Strength, stamina, vigor tonic is Tanvigorex for anybody can use it as the best health tonic.

For overall rejuvenation of your health and mind, Tanvigorex is the best tonic for ages.

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Additional Information

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