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For Body Pains


Medicine on cracks on Feet, Blood Circulation

(Can be taken orally & externally) (Use for massage, nose & ear applications)

  • In Ayurveda, there is tremendous importance of body massage which is called “Abhyanga”
  • This benefits proper blood circulation. Helps in leg pains, joints pain, numbness, crams etc. It helps in skin glow, cracks on feet & benefits for normal skin texture care.
  • Tanvitila is good in hair complaints like Hairfall, graying, dandruff etc.

(Morning time just lie down. Insert 1-1 drop Tanvitila oil in each nasal. Wait for 2 minutes & then get up & start your day work. If oil drips down your throat you can throw that away.)

  • This is called Nasya Treatment of Ayurveda. Which works in all neck health complaints like neck pain, ear pain, wrinkles, grey-haired, eye complaints etc. As this treatment boosts the functioning of head, nose, ear, tongue, brain etc. Thus it’s a tonic treatment for all.
  • Tanvitila at bed time with luke warm water & massage full body with Tanvitila to digest the infected body fat & strengthen the muscles. This treatment helps in irregular, scanty flow & hormonal imbalance in menstrual complaints.
  • Tanvitila oral dose helps in constipation, gas, piles, ulcers etc. It is used as a medium to cook food also
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