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For Joint & Muscle Pain



Medicine on Gases, indigestion, Joints Pain and Body Pains

( 1 to 2 tablets twice a day )

  • Improper diet, hormone imbalance, less diet, calcium deficiency etc. create complaints like joints pain, knee pain, neck and back pain, Leg cramps, spondylitis, slip disc, muscle sprain, sciatica, swelling, gas, stomach bloating, body pain, bone pain, Parkinson's vertigo etc. Vatshaanti is developed on all such Vatvikaras.
  • Pollution & allergic conditions disturb the body and our health. Vatshaanti works as a pollution resistance for complete health & fitness.
  • Avoid curds, banana, guava, custard apple & start the use of Vatshaanti. It will help you a lot in your health complaints.
  • That's why many patients are using 2 Tanvishataa, 1 Vatshaanti regularly as a fitness tonic & enjoying Healthy and Pain-free life.
  • In chronic complaints Tanvishataa 1, Vatshaanti 1 & Shatajivanti 1 work well as the best combination.
  • Vatshaanti can be used as a natural Pain-killer. When severe joints pain or body pain, Take 2 to 4 Vatshaanti tablets with luke warm water for faster relief & apply Ketki oil.
  • When you start Vatshaanti, your mood swings will change to happy feelings, allergies will come down, you will feel better, lighter & energetic.
    So continue Vatshaanti regularly as a fitness tonic or take as & when required.

  • To reduce weight, lack of wrist strength & in old age bone deficiencies, Take 2 Tanvishataa, 1 Vatshaanti, 1 Ashwayashtee which will work as a good calcium & Vata Tonic.
  • In allergies like Psoriasis, take 1/4 tab Santhakaphaa, 1 Vatshaanti, 2 Tanvishataa, 1 Tanvijyeshta orally & apply Ubtan Joy Liquid on the Wet skin. Massage for 2 minutes & then wash off.

  • Vatvikara, when controlled, leads to Good health automatically. Many have blessed Vatshaanti to be the best health tonic which they are taking regularly.
  • Some Patients issues with severe pain, stiffness, swelling & difficulty in walking and very much painfull but thanks to Vatshaanti ..... because of Vatshaanti we enjoy walking ..... we feel healthy ..... now there is no knee pain, cramps, numness. It is easy to sit & getup &climbing stairs don't make us breathless now. Vatshaanti has made our miserable life a happy journey again. 
  • These emotional feelings of many patients give the real satisfaction of making products like Vatshaanti by serving Ayurveda.
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Additional Information

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