Wormex Tablets

Wormex Tablets

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For Worm Infections


Medicine on Worms Infections

(1 Tablet after dinner with luke warm water & with a piece of jaggary)

Wormex is a medicine on worms infections.
Once in a year Every healthy person is advised to take Wormex 1 tablet at bedtime for a month as a fittness tonic to restore digestional strength & to work on worm infections & intestinal complaints. Wormex improves digestion & regulates hunger.
Wormex is also usefull in headache & stomachpain, fever due to worms, white patches infection, skin itching, bedwetting, frequent urination etc.
Wormex works on Vatvikaras like heavyness in body due to gass, joints pain, shivering, stomach bloating etc.
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Additional Information

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