1. Get up 11/2 hours befor sunrise. This is called Brahma Muhurta. ...... a holy time ..... this time is best for sole purification, meditation, studies, concentration.
  2. Take Weatagrasso tablet with luke warm water on empty stomach. Wheatgrasso extract Tablet is a real immunity tonic.
  3. Brush with Dhavaldanti powder. Clean tounge. Gargle with Tanvitila oil to strengthen teeth.
  4. Clear motions at early morning is the way to be healthy.
  5. Apply Kajal in eyes.
  6. Clean ears, put a drop of Tanvitila oil in ear & spread it properly with finger.
  7. Lie down. put one drop of Tanvitila oil in each nosal, keep it for 2 minutes & then get up & start your day work. If the oil comes in the throat you can throw it away. This nasya is a very good procedure for overall organal strength.
  8. Massage full body with Tanvitila oil or Coconut oil. Such massage keeps healthy & reflects in shining skin. Massage with oil on scalp, feet also.
  9. Apply Keshbala oil on hair & scalp & massage.
  10. Do daily exercise but to the half of the body strength.
  11. After exercise wet the body & apply Ubtan Joy Liquid & massage for 5 minutes & then wash off & have bath with lukewarm water. Apply Kanaka Lep on wet face & massage face with it & then wash off.
  12. After bath spread Aloevera Joy powder all over body as an antiseptic skin treatment.
  13. Use loose, comfortable, clean cloths.
  14. Have your food in happy mood. Take nutritious shad-rasayukta food. Take Tanvishtaa Tablet daily as a best health Tonic.
  15. Take 6 to 8 hours natural sleep.
  16. Enjoy sex as per the season. Frequent in Hemant season, Medium in Vasant, Sharad & Less in Grishma.
  17. Drink Gojiri health drink to energise yourself. It releases excessive heat & gives energy. Daily routine & seasonal routine keeps us healthy & fit.

Routine as per Season

Mild sun rays gastric problems Heat, Acidic Conditions Winter
Varsha Season 22nd June to 22nd August Sharad Season 22nd August to 22nd October Hemant Season 22nd October to 22nd December
Less hunger, low digestion, Eat light & digestive food. Eat less Green vegetables. Eat less pickles & Jams. Do not eat fried papad, but eat Rosted. Use less oil & Ghee. Drink lukewarm, hot water. Take Tanvi Triphala Tablet everyday. Eat Ghee. Use Less Chilly. Take Tanvishata daily. Avoid liquer. Use cotton clothes. Use leather shoes and chapples. Use Umbrella & goggles to prevent from More cold during this season & prespiration is less. Take oily and heavy food, milk, oil, ghee, wheat, urad, Potatoes Moong, are best to eat in this season. Heavy exercise recomended.
Take bath with hot water. Daily have oil massage. Use polyester clothes. Do less exercise. Limited liquor consumption advisable. Daily take Tanvigorex and Tanvishataa tablets with water. Include Fenugreek, Turmeric, Onions in your diet. Enjoy sitting in cool open sky. Take Tanvishataa daily. 1 to 4 tablets twice a day as required secure from sunstrokes. Take massage & then Vigorous bath. Limited liquor consumption of Ayurvedic asava, recommended as it has naturally fermented alchohol. Take Tanvishataa & Tanvigorex daily.
Winter More Cough Conditions Summer
Shishir Season 22nd December to 22nd February Vasant Season 22nd February to 22nd April Grishma Season 22nd April to 22nd June
In this season Curd also can be taken daily. take Body massage daily. Take Tanvishataa & Tanvigorex. Limited liquor is Okay. Gargle with salt water. Take Tanvishataa daily. Avoide going in direct sun heat. Cover head with scarf, cap. Eat seafood, do exercise. Take liquor with water. Day sleep during this season is Okay. Take Tanvishataa daily.