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Chyawanprash Drink



Tanviprasham is the best tonic as prash or as natural cold drink sharbat enriched with natural rasayana chyawanprash values. Chyawanprash is a tested remedy and tonic of Ayurveda which works on cough cold shwas vikars, weakness, Hairfall, skin tanning, and all hair skin and health complaints.

Divine Dhanvantaris principle is to take medicine not to be frequently ill. Take tonic treatment to be always fit and healthy. But we do exactly reverse. We take medicine only when we are ill. That time our immunity is low and body cannot take 100 percent benefits from the given medicine. But if we are daily taking natural tonic then our fitness remains intact and health complaints rarely occur and even clear soon with a mild dose of medicines as immunity is good. So to avoid strong chemical doses daily drink Tanviprasham as prevention is always better than cure.

Instead of chemical cold drinks mix 1 teaspoon Tanviprasham in a small glass of water and drink daily as natural Tanviprasham cold drink will help to energize your body and mind daily to keep you happy and healthy.

1 teaspoon Tanviprasham daily twice or thrice a day can be consumed directly like prash or can be mixed with milk or water and can be consumed as a drink....

Daily Tanviprasham drink a day.. keeps the doctor away.
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