Tanvishataa Tablets

Tanvishataa Tablets

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(1 to 2 Tablets twice a day after food)


Tanvishataa is such a great herbal preventive tonic for your entire family.

  • On Acidity Tanvishataa is a tested remedy. Take 2 Tanvishataa twice a day. Within a week’s time you will feel better.
  • For chronic acidity use this treatment at least 2 to 3 months or more for long lasting results.
  • Children frequently suffer with cough, cold, fever & because of this they have loss of appetite. Tanvishataa is a best tonic to guard them against frequent illness & to keep them healthy.
  • Tanvishataa helps in chest burn, vomit sensation, uneasy feeling, mouth bitterness, headache etc. It helps in heat complaints like eye, feet burning, body heat, excessive sweating also.
  • Tanvishataa can be an effective combination in urine stone, urine burning, scanty urine, urinary infections, sperm complaints etc. Urine stone can be cleared in granules & use Tanvishataa even further for best results.
  • Tanvishataa can be useful in Low BP complaints also.
  • Hair & Skin complaints, Blood purification hormones imbalance & many such complaints can be taken care by Tanvishataa.

This is just a trailer of information of Tanvishataa which helps out in your all health complaints.....so don’t forget to take daily Tanvishataa Tablets!!!

Keep all Tanvi Herbal products at home to safeguard your Family’s Health!!!!


Additional Information

Additional Information

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