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For Psoriasis & Cracks on feet


Medicine on skin allergies like psoryasis, cracks on feet etc.

(For external use only. Apply on wet skin massage for 2 minuts & then wash)

Apply Ubtan Joy on wet skin & massage in skin complaints like black patches, tanning, pigmentation, prickly heat, boils, skin itching, rash, allergy etc. wash off after 2 minutes.
Specially in psoryasis wash patches with Ubtan Joy. It will help in skin roughness & healling the patches & to make skin to come to notmal colour & texture.
For cracks on feet apply Tanvitila oil or coconut oil on feet at night & massage. Wash feet with ubtan joy liquid in the morning.
Ubtan Joy helps in skin allergies, roughness, pale skin to glow with healthy skin texture.
Ubtan Joy helps in scalp psoryasis, dandruff also. Mix 1/2 tsp ubtan joy in 4 tsp water. Apply & massage on scalp with this lotion & then wash hair after 10 minutes. Use this treatment once or twice a week. With this orally take Santhakaphaa 1/4 tablet, Vatshaanti 1, Tanvishataa 2, Tanvijyeshta 1.
Ubtan Joy helps in pimples, scars, skin roughness, boils etc.
Ubtan Joy is liquid concentrate of Ubtan of Ayurveda. This is an antiseptic treatment for skin wash which keeps skin clean, healthy & glow with natural ayurvedic medicine Ubtan Joy. So not only in diwali but every day take a Ubtan Joy bath & refresh.
Use Tanvi & give your feedback. Consult Tanvi Doctors regularly. Dont forget to take Daily Tanvishata Tablet as a best Tonic.
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Additional Information

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